Software Development

Not every client needs our skills – even if only a few programming tasks have to be contracted out, he may benefit from it. Up to six software engineers in all common programming languages (focussed on Python and .NET) are at his disposal to realise his idea and to enhance his powerful development department in peak times. We programme data bases, maintain your existing Java applications or extend existing products.

Service is our strength: No price-raising timely billing but a price for one product or an evolution level. Therefore, our costs are always clear and manageable for the client. We bring in our expertise from the core business: Our programmer and project developer are working online with the client on the project- that saves time and costs.

We advise you from the idea to the requirement specification; in line with our opportunities even at no charge in order to support you as a service provider on the whole way from the development to the complete application. Here you have the respective contact person who is available for you in every phase: programmer for all common languages and hardware specialists.